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A neighbor, a mother, and an educator, Dr. Frances Yang shares your values in protecting our children and providing them with the best education. She has experience teaching for over 18 years, she makes evidence-based decisions, and she listens with empathy to all of your concerns. With her research background, she is a problem-solver and collaborator. As a mother of two children in the North Kansas City School District, she will prioritize protecting our children, teachers, and community for a successful future.

About Frances Yang

Frances will advocate for our children, parents, staff, and our teachers.”

Dr. Frances M. Yang is a parent and experienced educator who will fight for our children and the teachers of the NKC School District. She and her husband are proud to be the parents of two boys in NKC schools. Dr. Yang also knows the classroom as a professor at the University of Kansas School of Nursing. When she’s not in the classroom at KUMC, Dr. Yang researches chronic health conditions and how different groups experience different health-related outcomes. Yang has trained at Harvard Medical School where she was also a faculty member. She earned her Ph.D. in Gerontology from the University of Southern California.

Vote for Dr. Frances Yang on Tuesday, April 5, 2022!

Frances Yang will bring accountability to the North Kansas City School Board


As a parent with two children in the school district, I am in tune with what is being taught in the schools and the feedback received from teachers. I want to be sure all parents receive the appropriate communication regarding their children’s progress in school.


Making evidence-based decisions as a Board of Education member. Since October 12, 2021, I have voted not only on the data presented but questioned the methodology used to analyze the data presented. I believe in replicability and transparency of both methodology and data to produce the evidence. As a methodology expert, I will hold the school district accountable for the data and results presented to our families.


Many parents who are also teachers and staff in our school district have voiced their concerns to me and I have helped them navigate through their struggles and issues regarding their children’s educational needs. As someone who has nearly two decades of experience teaching in both private and public institutions, having been in every region of our country, and a parent in the school district, I have a valuable diverse perspective.  I live and strive to help parents who also come from all areas of our country to offer help to navigate through their issues and concerns with this school district.


What are parents and teachers saying about Frances Yang?

“Who else better to lead the North Kansas City School District out of this pandemic than Dr. Yang? An epidemiologist, professor, parent, and current board member.”

Kristy J., parent at Bell Prairie Elementary School

I really appreciate Dr. Yang prioritizing my concerns and helping my family navigate through challenges we have faced with regards to bullying in our school district

Kathie F., aunt of child at Gateway

Dr. Yang is an example of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility principles and these principles should be a vital part of the school district. She understands that everyone needs a voice and electing her to the Board will provide a revitalized commitment to every child and family.

Staley High School parent

“As a teacher and parent with interracial children, I have appreciated Dr. Yang’s unique perspectives on the school board that actually represents many parents’ beliefs and experiences that have not been heard in our school district.”

Cindy E., teacher and parent at Clardy Elementary School

“As a minority, we have experienced many similar concerns with other minority families who care about our children’s academic success, social interaction, and quality of life, Dr. Yang is the only person on the Board of Education who truly understands and lives with these concerns daily.”

Lisa M., parent in the Northland



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