I Believe in ACTion


Inclusion of ALL voices. Hearing from students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community members while respecting their right to privacy.  I believe in listening and following through with concerns, as well as recognition of celebrations within our school district that are often unnoticed. I was the only school board member who has continuously and verbally acknowledged the monthly heritage months and holidays that are value-added diversity to our school district during my term.


I am firm believer in the value of free speech, expression of diverse ideas, and honoring where one comes from. My grandparents immigrated here from a country that imposed Marshal Law for over 50 years. The language that my family speaks is nearly extinct but we do our best to keep it up at home. I want my children, and all children, to be exposed to diverse ideas, narratives, languages, and experiences. I am firm believer in protecting this first amendment right and am fundamentally against banning books and other actions that undermine the history on which this country is founded.


I believe firmly in making informed decisions. We need equity and adaptability to meet the needs of our school district with a growing diverse community.  I believe in fair treatment, equal pay, and adequate benefits for our teachers and staff, as well as those constructing and updating our buildings. 

I am the co-facilitator of the University of Kansas Medical Center Faculty of Color United in Support, an important Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility organization that is a brave space to discuss and recommend actions to take locally and nationally.  As both an educator and researcher, I teach and conduct research with rigorous methodology and replicability. I teach at a public institution in nursing and I want to be sure that our taxes for public schools stay within public schools. I was the only incumbent School Board candidate who took time off of work to go to Jefferson City to advocate against Charter School Expansion (HB 2087, O’Donnell; HJR 110, Christofanelli; SB 650, Eigel) and the Open Enrollment (HB 1814, Politt).  I will ensure evidence-based decisions are made for our school district to remain stronger than ever.

The Right Choice For Our Children

As a mother, a doctor, and a fierce advocate for taking measured action when it comes to tackling big problems, Dr. Frances Yang is prepared to fight for the children and parents of the North Kansas City School Districts. A firm believer in all parents having a voice and a say in their children’s future, Dr. Yang is committed to being an active listener, taking proactive measures, and having meaningful conversations about the topics that matter most.

“As a teacher and parent with interracial children, I have appreciated Dr. Yang’s unique perspectives on the school board that actually represents many parents’ beliefs and experiences that have not been heard in our school district.

Cindy E., teacher and parent at Clardy Elementary School

My Promise To You

As a parent with two children in the school district, I am in tune with what is being taught in the schools and the feedback received from teachers. I want to be sure all parents receive the appropriate communication regarding their children’s progress in school.

Dr. Yang is an example of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility principles and these principles should be a vital part of the school district. She understands that everyone needs a voice and electing her to the Board will provide a revitalized commitment to every child and family.

Staley High School parent

Many parents who are also teachers and staff in our school district have voiced their concerns to me and I have helped them navigate through their struggles and issues regarding their children’s educational needs. As someone who has nearly two decades of experience teaching in both private and public institutions, having been in every region of our country, and a parent in the school district, I have a valuable diverse perspective.  I live and strive to help parents who also come from all areas of our country to offer help to navigate through their issues and concerns with this school district.

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